Complete transformer substation
of industrial type KTPP

The complete transformer substations of industrial design (KTPP) are intended for receiving, converting and distributing electricity of alternating current 50Hz, with voltage of 6 (10) kV to voltage of 0.4 kV. KTPP are applied to power supply of consumers in the industry, at gas-compressor stations, etc. They are manufactured with capacities from 250 to 2500 kVA.

Parameter nameValue
Nominal voltage: – on the side of higher voltage, kV – on the low voltage side, kV6(10) 0,4
Nominal frequency, Hz50
Thermal current of cabinet UVN, kA20; 31.5
Current of electrodynamic resistance of the cabinet UVN, kV51; 81
Thermal current of cabinets of low voltage switchgears, kА20; 50
Current of electrodynamic resistance of cabinets of low voltage switchgear, kА50; 100
Overall dimensions of cabinets, mm Input cabinet, sectioning:
600; 800; 120
1000; 1350
2230; 2270
Cabinet line:
500; 600; 800; 1200
1000; 1350
2230; 2270
Mass, kg Input cabinet, sectioning
Line of cabinet
800; 1400