About company


YUQORICHIRCHIQ ENERGY SYSTEMS a Limited Liability Company, is copper bus production company established in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

A production line that meets modern technological and construction standards was put into operation in 2012.

To date, the equipment installed at the enterprise allows the production of various sizes of copper tires from copper grade M00K with a volume of up to 400 tons per month.

The production complex of the “YUQORICHIRCHIQ ENERGY SYSTEMS” LLC includes the following types of products:

  • copper and aluminum tires;
  • copper profiles, circles, hexagons;
  • copper and aluminum wire and non-insulated cores;
  • enamelled wire, PAT and PAT And;
  • electrical panels, cabinets and drawers of various modifications and designs;
  • metal cabinets for clothes and cabinets for the fire crane;
  • and also provides services: laser cutting, sheet metal bending, welding / contact welding, polymer powder painting.

The company created 50 jobs for residents of the Tashkent region.

The priorities of the company are:

  1. Ensuring the quality of products.
  2. Social support team.
  3. Caring for the environment.

Our features

We have a customer base that goes far beyond the homeland. The main volume of foreign partners is concentrated in Russia, Kazakhstan and Turkey, but is not limited to these countries. Since we work closely with dealers, depending on your location, you can choose the office closest to you and order the necessary products there.

A significant turnover of non-ferrous metal can be estimated at about 2,400 tons and about 1,000 product positions. This will allow you to quickly cover the wide needs of your production. If you have not found the required product, we can order its development or production according to the drawings (GOST 2.109-73). Our experts will design observing the requirements and standards.

We are constantly expanding the range. Perhaps already tomorrow the product you need can become serial, and you can get it out of stock as soon as possible.

The production is equipped with the necessary equipment and infrastructure: high-quality machines, modern loading and unloading mechanisms. This allows you to quickly and as accurately as possible accompany the product throughout the entire production path, even with tremendously large orders.

Our site presents the current range. And you can make a choice from the site by downloading the necessary documents to place an order for the production of products of interest. It is convenient and clear.

The company develops services. Additional packaging ensures better product safety during transportation. Cutting to the size of aluminum and copper products, compact packaging of products can reduce the cost of further use.

A wide range and quality, allows us to win awards and hearts of our customers every year.