Copper round rod

The copper rod is a solid metal product of uniform cross-section along the entire length. In accordance with the requirements of GOST1535-2006, a rod of round, square, and hexagonal cross-section is made by cold rolling or hot pressing (only for a round rod) of copper: M1 (p, f), M2 (p) or M3 (p) with the composition of impurities regulated by the requirements of GOST859-2001.


Due to the unique chemical and physical properties of the metal, the copper rod is widely used, primarily as a semi-finished product for further processing and manufacturing of parts for various purposes.

High corrosion resistance and low chemical activity of the metal make the copper rod an indispensable material in the manufacture of shut-off valves in water and gas supply systems. Copper does not pose a threat to the environment, so parts from this type of rolled steel are widely used in the creation of various equipment, including food.

An important factor is the simplicity and manufacturability of metal processing-copper is easy to drill, milling, bending, forging, stamping, welding, so parts made of copper bars are extremely popular in the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, shipbuilding, and other industries.

The high thermal conductivity of the metal makes the rod an indispensable material for creating heat exchange systems, radiators, coolers, and so on. Finally, the electrical conductivity of the material, in which copper is second only to silver, makes it an indispensable raw material for creating various electrical systems and equipment.

Available diameters: