Perfect competition with the demonstration of the communication and subsequent cooperation.

The industrial fair held in the capital was dedicated to the development of industrial cooperation with manufacturers of cable and wire products of the Republic.

The event, organized by the Association “Uzeltehsanoat” together with the ministries of construction and energy of the Republic of Uzbekistan, was attended by representatives of contractors, construction companies, as well as business entities, electricians, and dealer service employees.

At the opening of the fair, it was noted that the wide opportunities created in our country serve to develop cooperation relations, fill our national markets with local products and increase their competitiveness.

Namoz Tolipov, adviser to the Chairman of the Board Of the Association “Uzeltehsanoat” on information policy, noted that this industrial fair serves to give a wide place to our national products on all construction sites, installation works, their effective use, and the development of cooperative relations between producers and consumers.

Presentations on new types of products, their quality level, and certificates of compliance with the requirements of the international standard were also made by companies-manufacturers of cable and wire products that are members of the Association” Uzeltehsanoat“, among which”Yuqori Chirchiq energy systems ” participated.

“70-75 percent of the products produced at our enterprise are imported,” says Mirsaid Abzalov, head of the marketing Department at Yuqori Chirchiq energy systems. – These are products such as copper and aluminum tires for high-voltage transformers, aluminum and copper wires for transmitting high-voltage electric current. In addition, installation wires are also produced, which are used in the construction of buildings. The activity of our company, which has about 130 employees. Our team is constantly developing. This fair, which was created, plays an important role in strengthening cooperation ties for enterprises working in this direction.