Metal filing cabinets

Metal cabinets for documents (they are often also called archival). Convenient for placing a wide variety of things stored in the office, in the workshop or in production.

These include all paper documents from contracts to drawings:

  • books and catalogs;
  • stationery;
  • product sample;
  • expendable material;
  • inventory;
  • tools;
  • details, etc.

In order to maintain a presentable appearance for a long time, the furniture surface must be scratch-resistant and well cleaned with detergents. Office metal cabinets have these characteristics.

Their price may be higher than that of wooden cabinets made of chipboard. But given the service life of the metal, which is an order of magnitude larger than wood, and environmental friendliness (chipboard emits harmful resins). The advantage will be on the side of metal office furniture. The cabinets are painted in a light color that perfectly harmonizes with other interior items in office spaces.

This section provides detailed technical specifications . We offer discounts to wholesale customers.